Dear RSS families,

The grade 9 Late French Immersion class is in need of your help! We are looking for “community buddies” to help us make connections to the people that we live and interact with to deepen our understanding of what community means to us.

Our class has been working on an inquiry of how “Food Affects Change” (How immigration

20171122_094747 (1)

and food connects us globally, to our community, and to ourselves). We are looking for community member “buddies” who have moved to Canada and would like to share their experiences, their culture, their thoughts and ideas with our grade 9 youths.

If this is something you are interested in, or know of someone who would be interested in this initiative, we are looking for 21 community buddies. We would ask that you schedule in a time next week so kids can interview you (example questions: “Could you tell me about your favourite dish from childhood? What was it like moving to Canada? How were you made to feel inclusive?” etc.) for about twenty minutes.

After this connection has been made, students will use the information you provided, along with their understanding of content taught in class, to create a fusion dish for a “RSS Cooks” cookbook. Your involvement in this step is not mandatory but you are more than welcome to participate! The more cooks in the kitchen the better right?

If you would like to participate, please go to the link below and sign up for a time that is convenient for you. Again, we thank you for sharing your experiences of moving to Canada and sharing your heritage with our youth. This makes for powerful community connections and we are thankful for your involvement in our learning.