Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The RSS Parent Advisory Council meets regularly, on a monthly basis. This group of parents meets with the school administration to discuss:

  • school philosophy and program priorities:
  • the curriculum, new instructional programs, facilities, equipment and learning resources;
  • budget, alterations and renovations to facilities;
  • safety programs and procedures;
  • alternatives for identifying, communicating and meeting unique community needs;
  • appropriate school evaluation matters;
  • communicating ideas from the community to the board of school trustees and school staff;
  • informing the community about decisions made at the school, district and ministry levels;
  • methods of resolving school-community differences and improving relations

Our first meeting of the 2015/16 school year will be on September 10th in the Library at 7pm. All parents/guardians are welcome.

If you have any questions regarding PAC, please contact one of the PAC Co-Chairs (Keri-Lynn Prough or Kari Kuznecov).

PAC Fundraisers


1) CLICK HERE to head to Mabel’s Labels

2) Once at the website, type “rossland” into the search box (top right corner). Then, click on the Rossland Summit School logo and start shopping.

Other Fundraisers

Wrap N Mats: On sale at the school office 1 for $6 or two for $10
This reusable food wrap is environmentally friendly and convenient to use for zero waste lunches.

Ferraro Foods Receipts: Please donate your Ferraro Foods Receipts to the PAC! If you could bundle and tally your receipts before taxes, then drop them off at the school office we would appreciate it. We get a % back to spend at Ferraro Foods. If you don’t have time to tally them, please still bring them in, every little bit helps.

Bottle Bin: Please drop your refundable drink containers at the school bottle bin. Our school teams and clubs appreciate your support!

PAC Minutes