Student Learning Survey

What is the Student Learning Survey?

An annual survey of students in grades 4, 7, 10 and 12, their parents and school staff administered since 2002 in British Columbia public schools.

The Survey was developed with input from partner groups, experts in educational measurement and special education, and teachers of early grades. Each year feedback from participants is considered in order to improve the survey questions and features.

When does the survey take place?

The survey is available 24/7 over a period of about three months, January to mid-April.

What do I need to take the survey online?

Login requirements:

You will require a logon number, which schools receive from the survey administrator and distribute to participants. Parents can contact their school for a logon number if they haven’t already received one. The survey can then be accessed online at All responses are anonymous and confidential.

System requirements:

  • Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla or Safari
  • 56K bandwidth
  • 32MB RAM (64MB recommended)
  • 40MB hard drive space

Where do I find the results?

School Administrators have password secured access to their school’s interim reports immediately after the surveys are completed from Public reports are subsequently provided at

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